A Life Without Allergies...

Allergyfix is a treatment method with profound effects for allergy sufferers. It eliminates allergic reactions and restores balance to the body.

Allergyfix is rooted in the theories of Bioset and Naet, which in turn are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM understands allergies as a qi (energy) deficiency or blockage which extends from an imbalance in one or several organs. As a result of these imbalances, some symptoms may seem unrelated to allergies.

Allergyfix is used to address both the symptoms and the underlying allergies and sensitivities.

Treatments eradicate allergic reactions and sensitivities to foods, environmental substances, dog and cat allergies, pollens, dust and mites, chemicals, household cleaners, molds, perfume, latex, medications, penicillin, cigarette smoke, shellfish, nuts, seasonal allergies etc.

Allergyfix is effective in alleviating symptoms and disorders such as anxiety, asthma, ADD, colitis, IBS, constipation/diarrhea, colic, chronic sinusitis, post nasal drip, congestion, fatigue, fibromyalgia, indigestion/bloating, migraines, pain/inflammation, vertigo, skin disorders such as hives, eczema, and itching.

An initial appointment consists of a consultation with the allergist. The type of allergy testing used is applied kinesiology/manual muscle testing, which detects allergies as well as imbalances. With this information an individual treatment protocol is developed. Treatment includes acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine theory in order to alleviate reactions and restore equilibrium to the immune system. It may take several office visits to desensitize a severe allergen.

Young children and babies can be safely treated. No supplements or dietary alterations are required. The method used is a non-invasive, pain free, drug free, natural allergy remedy.